Del Potro refused to participate for Argentina in the Davis Cup 2014


Agentina, February 17, 2014

The number 5 in the world, after its defeat in Rotterdam and the crowning of Ferrer in Buenos Aires, expressed in a statement his refusal to join the Argentine team for Davis Cup. Argentina will play a playoff in September to decide if stays in the World Group or not, after losing against Italy.

He said the leaders need “major changes to correct the mistakes that have been repeated for so many years,” However, he also lashed out at the fans who sang against him in the elimination against the Italians.

Thus, he justified his decision “for the sake of the silent majority who like this sport and remains far from insulting rivals or punish someone from their own country.”

Last November, Delpo had expressed his resignation to the first round of Davis, in a letter to Grimaldi and jaite. There, he expressed “I’m tired of being invited by mail or messages while they press me through certain media, trying to let me look bad in front of public opinion; it is an hypocritical double talk.”

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