Ojeda: “We have sex without protection”


Argentina, February 12, 2014

Although many doubt of the fatherhood of Maradona , Veronica Ojeda spoke to Jorge Rial in Radio La Red, in its morning show “Ciudad Gotik”, and nothing stopped her. Some of her statements will be cause for talk of many gossip programs. 

“I’m in love with Diego and I forgive him for everything” said Maradona’s former couple, and she added “we have sex without protection”.

“In December Diego came to see the baby. I said we had to talk many things. We were at a major hotel and we were together all day. He said he was still in love with me and that he missed me” she said.

Ojeda also noted “we have sex like when we were dating. Neither was careful. He swore he would leave Rocío. I believed him.”

Furthermore, Rial consulted her on the doubts about her pregnancy and parenthood from Diego. “Of course I ‘m going to have the baby. I don’t got pregnant on purpose. Six months ago I had an operation. In December I made another aesthetic touch and I they think I’m going to get pregnant for no reason? God wanted this child to come and I’m going to have it. I’ll do the DNA if necessary” Veronica said.

Then the journalist put Ojeda online with one of Maradona’s sons, Diego Maradona Jr. “If my father does not defend him, I’m going to do so” said the young born in Italy, adding “I’ll assume the role of big brother. He’s my brother, I have no doubt.”

“I’m going to enjoy my son and pregnancy; I do not care what he is going to do. I went to Dubai for him to see his son, he lost it, now I’m going to enjoy this moment” she concluded.

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