Capitanich denied having talked with Pope Francis


Argentina, February 10, 2014

The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, in his regular press conference from Government House denied the rumors that Pope Francis had summoned officials, union leaders and Argentine businessmen for a dialogue at the Vatican: “It would be good to avoid using his name falsely.” 

“The Pope is ours. It’s good to think and not falsely use his name with a particular political interest. Argentines have the capacity to seek agreements that allow us to meet objectives and goals.”

He reminded that “Jorge Bergoglio serves not only as bishop of Rome, but also as head of the Vatican State, so that the alleged call could have meant even a diplomatic problem for his interference in the affairs of another country.”

Capitanich also talked about the versions of a recent change in the formula used by the AFIP to authorize the purchase of dollars for hoarding: “This clarification will ne published in the online page”.

When asked about new Consumer Price Index should disseminate the INDEC Thursday, he said: “It is surely published in the month of February, probably published the ministry of finance.”

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