Firefighters are being veiled in the City and the province of Buenos Aires


Argentina, February 6, 2014

Firefighters from the Federal Police and Civil Defense members who died yesterday at the fire and collapse of a storage facility in Barracas are veiled in different parts of the city and province of Buenos Aires. 

On the one hand, the six firefighters of the Federal Police were veiled from midnight in the Golden Hall of the institution, located in Belgrano Avenue and Virrey Cevallos, in the City of Buenos Aires.

The deceased were the inspector commissioner Leonardo Day , the Deputy Inspector – Anahí Garnica, 27, mother of a girl and a member of the first class of women in the Force, Eduardo Adrián Canessa and Damian Béliz, in addition to agents Maximiliano Martinez and Juan Matías Monticelli.

Sources from the Security Ministry informed to Telam news agency that the bodies of the public servants who lost their lives in the accident “will be veiled until 4 pm” and their burial will be in the cemetery of Chacarita.

The wake of the remains of Sebastian Campos, volunteer firefighter, took place yesterday at 10 pm and will continue until 2 pm today, in Garibaldi street at 2042 in the neighborhood of La Boca.

The accident also killed rescuers Pedro Jose Mendez Baricolo, members of Civil Defense of the City of Buenos Aires.

Secretary of Security, Sergio Berni and Germán Montenegro, Buenos Aires Security Minister were present in the Golden Hall of the Federal Police.

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