Capitanich: “School items cost $394 with the program “Cared Prices””c


Argentina, February 6, 2014

The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, announced at a press conference from the Government House, along with the Commerce Secretary Augusto Costa, the price of basic school tools composed of 35 items to be acquired for a value of $ 394 within the program “Cared Prices”. 

Interior Commerce Secretary admitted that “in April, when the program “Cared Prices” is updated, there will be an impact “on the value of some of the products”.

“The agreement has an annual term and quarterly review, so that in March there will be an analysis of the factors affecting the costs, including the exchange rate.”

“There will be an analysis and period variations justified from 1 April in terms of costs, and will only recognize any justified impact, and not the movement based on speculation.”

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