Capitanich blamed traders that “speculate with prices”


Argentina, February 4, 2014

The Chief of Staff said in a press conference that “we can not connect exchange policy with the price of meat and speculate on the food of the Argentines.” 

Moreover, Capitanich stressed that the national government’s investment in public works and housing construction program referred to in Procrear will be this year of 138 million pesos.

Speaking at Government House, Capitanich noted that this represents “four percentage points of GDP” this year.

“We will work for families who are in need to build the meters necessary and in the public works the same, we will sustain 400,000 jobs”, he said.

The chief of staff also blamed this morning “unscrupulous traders and manufacturers that speculate with prices”.

“We need to combat speculation in those industrial, suppliers and traders who abuse people. And we ask people to join us in the difficult task of preventing abuses” said the official.

At a press conference, Capitanich said “it is good that the Argentines learn the truth about the formation of prices.”

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