Capitanich criticized Shell for rising prices of fuel


Argentina, February 3, 2014

The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich, in his traditional press conference offered each day, referred to the increase in Shell: “Their attitude is no coincidence. It is contrary to the interests of the country. The decision is conspiracy, attempted threat against the country’s interests”.

An he added “this company has been always contrary to the interests of the country, and today they took the unilateral decision to raise prices”.

About the program ‘Prices Care’, starting from today into effect in most provinces as a result of the agreement signed by the Secretary of Commerce by the Argentina Chamber of Supermarkets (CAS) and the Argentina Federation Supermarkets (FASA) “the agreement will be monitored by consumer associations and a network of specific areas of provincial and municipal governments”.

Also, he talked about the price agreement for school products: “In the next 72 hours will agree to offer a school combo to care the income workers.”

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