Timerman: “Argentina did not ask for international aid”


Argentina, February 2, 2014

Today, Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman said he did not request for international help in the CELAC summit, believing that “the situation does not needs it.” He also said the relationship with Uruguay “is not bad”.

Timerman traveled with Cristina Kirchner and Argentina the rest of the delegation to the Second Summit of Latin American and Caribbean States, which took place in Cuba, as well as in 2012. There, Dilma Rousseff, Brazilian president, said that her country does not offered aid to Argentina because that was never requested. “Those were the best support to understand that Argentina is not going through a bad situation where you need a hand from a friendly country” Timerman said.

‘La Argentina did not ask for help because we do not need it. Argentina has all the elements necessary to handle the situation” said the Argentine Foreign Minister.

On the relationship with Uruguay, he acknowledged, “the relationship is good, we talk but of course we have issues to resolve and we will be solving are issues that Uruguay wants to.”

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