Messi: “My dream is to win a World Cup”


Argentina, February 2, 2014

“Winning a World Cup not only my dream, but of an entire country. Our team has grown and although we have to fix some details I think we will play a good Cup.” These were the words Lio Messi today.

Just 130 days until the start of the World Cup. The passion and anxiety combine to make patient collapse. And it is not only the patience of the fans that was lost. Today, Messi expressed his desire to reach the ultimate match with Alejandro Sabella’s team.

“Hopefully we can be in the final in Brazil against them or against others,” said Barcelona `10` for a possible match with the home side in the decider.

Also told how he feels about the injury that took him nearly two months off the court. “I’m happy because I played several games in a row. From head I am also very good. It is true that had a hard time but now everything is forgotten. “

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