Antonio Caló requested to elevate the purchasing power of wages


Argentina, February 2, 2014

Antonio Calo, head of the Metal Workers Union and the CGT said that in March the joint will seek “to recover the purchasing power that inflation decreased”.

He added “as a result of the socioeconomic crisis, wages suffered a severe deterioration. We expect to reverse the situation through the joint in March, which will aim to recover the purchasing power that inflation decreased”.

In addition, he called for national leaders to “put aside differences and work for a better quality of life of the people, which is ultimately social justice, and to live in dignity.”

Regarding the presidential elections of 2015, Calo said that unionism “will strive to regain the political space that was lost,” and concluded “the politicians are now independent and do not feel tied to unionism as before, since they could arise without support union sector”.

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