Ukraine: Opposition leader was kidnapped and tortured


Ukraine, January 31, 2014

Last week, the Ukrainian opposition activist Dmytro Bulatov disappeared. Today, he was found in a forest with his face full of stabs and a mutilated ear. The European Union and the Government demanded punishment for the government of Yanukovych.

The head of EU diplomacy, Catherine Ashton and the leader of Ukrainian opposition party Vitali Klitshko denounced the torture to which Bulatov was subjected.

“What they have done to Dmitro is an act of intimidation to all citizen and activists” Klitschko said after visiting Bulatov in the Hospital.

Bulatov is the leader of Automaidán, opposition group that organizes convoys to denounce the president. The activist, whose abduction was reported on day 22, appeared at the town Vishenski on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

“They even tried to crucify me, they cut me an ear, face, I got cuts all over my body. But, thank God, I’m alive” the activist told to the Ukrainian television.

Recall that in Ukraine reigns climate of political turmoil due to the government’s decision to join the Eastern bloc with Russia and China, leaving aside the offer of the European Union.

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