The man lost in Jujuy died drowned as was confirmed by the autopsy


Argentina, January 31, 2014

Jorge Zurueta, Security Secretary of Jujuy province, said that Mario Bidinost, the man who was lost with his wife in the Jujuy jungle, drowned.

The cause of death: “water entered to his airways, reaching the lungs. In life this person must have fallen to the bed of a river where there was water, breathed and this caused his death” the official added.

In addition, he said “the doctor died five days ago and radiographs were performed to confirm fractures.”

His wife, Lía Constantino, was informed about the death of her husband. The director of the Oscar Orias Hospital, Robert Maizel said “she reacted badly but remains quiet” and that “for her medical condition she assumed the final.”

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