Cristina Kirchner expressed her dissatisfaction with Celac’s media coverage


Argentina, January 31, 2014

In her Twitter account, President Cristina Kirchner published her review on the media coverage of the Second Summit of CELAC and her medical checkups.

“Almost 9:30 pm. I’m leaving the Rosada. Photographers and multiple cameras. One at the entrance of the heliport … uhh … I know the “disaster title” of tomorrow: ‘Cristina met with Government officials. There is concern about the drop in reserves’” said the President tonight at midnight through her account @CFKArgentina.

Also Cristina noted that “on the top cover of Clarin, photo and title: Presidential health. Cristina is back in a hospital to held studies.”

“No, I know, they have send photographers because they expected to see me out on crutches, due to the left trochanter bursitis, what is this? An inflammation that has to be treated with kinesiology and some ice.” Said the president , also explaining what was the condition for which she underwent medical studies.

She continued: “Clarín on Sunday “Cristina spends the weekend in Havana”. What! Any distracted, there are, may think “what’s she doing in Cuba? Because of CELAC they do not spoke. “

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