The Renewal Front requested the Government to discuss the 2014 budget again


Argentina, January 30, 2014

Today, leaders of the Renewal Front, led by Sergio Massa, called on the government to convene special sessions in Congress to update the 2014 budget after the dollar increases and the devaluation of the Argentine peso. They also called for a stabilization plan.

While Massa is still on vacations in Pinamar, former mayor of Almirante Brown and head of the front in the Congress, Darío Giustozzi gathered deputies, counting with the presence of Felipe Sola, Graciela Camano, Mario Das Neves, Adrián Pérez and José Ignacio De Mendiguren.

The space requested, at a press conference, to the Government House to convene special sessions in Congress to discuss the budget 2014 again. “The budget now seems from another century. It was based on a dollar at $6,37 pesos and now we have it at 8 pesos.”

He added “the government measures taken in recent times have been part of a drastic adjustment without an anti-inflation plan, not an economic program that gives them sustainability. It is needed a sustainable program to cease to be improvised and contradictory”.

Graciela Camaño, former deputy of Duhalde, said “the people have lost confidence in economic and social measures of this government, so the challenge is to have it back.”

Sola, meanwhile, said “as inflation has many causes, it is not only monetary expansion nor the issue of the dollar, but also expectations, credibility, memory, history, the Government must take the political decision to put it in the heart of the matter”.

Finally it was former Governor Das Neves who recalled that President Cristina Kirchner promised that she wouldn’t be “the president of the devaluation” and “this is the Government of the devaluation.”

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