Randazzo: “Highway tolls could be paid with Sube card since February”


Argentina, January 30, 2014

Florencio Randazzo, Minister of Interior and Transport, reported that from February 1, motorists can use the Sube card to pay tolls in metropolitan highways.

“This system begins to work on Sunday. It was a decision taken by the government of the City and of the province of Buenos Aires, so in the not too distant future we will be able to pay with this method of payment in all highways of the urban area” Randazzo said.

He added “this option will allow ease traffic and avoid the inconvenience of not having change to pay the toll. It could be used the card of any person traveling in the vehicle.”

Toll of highways will suffer an increase before the changes: in the Northern Access, heading to Campana and Pilar, branches will grow from $ 13 to $ 16 in peak hours. In normal business hours and on weekends, the cost will increase from $ 10 to $ 12.

Meanwhile, in the West access the toll to be paid by motorists will rise from $ 10 to $ 12 at rush hour and $ 8 to $ 10 during the day.

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