Diana Conti answered Julián Domínguez about his sayings on Scioli


Argentina, January 30, 2014

A few days ag, the leader of the block of Deputies of the Kirchnerism Julían Dominguez, had said about Buenos Aires Governor Daniel Scioli, that “he is not my candidate for 2015.” Today, Deputy Diana Conti, also allied to the ruling party, came out against considering “it’s too sectarian” to say that Scioli does not represent the movement.

Diana Conti defended Daniel Scioli as a possible candidate to succeed Cristina Kirchner in 2015.

“Scioli doesn’t represent me for 2015″ released days ago the highest authority of the House. “I prefer a candidate with basic unit, political activism and experience in the political fight” he added.

To which Conti said: “I think that to say that he does not represent the movement is too sectarian, because we know that the Front for Victory has different profiles, different modes of vision of the province, the country and the world.”

While Conti has acknowledged that “she had differences with the provincial governor, she added that those issues did not “get her to say that he is not representative of the movement.”

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