The opposition rejected Sbatella’s continuity in the FIU


Argentina, January 29, 2014

Today, radicalism and UNEN rejected the continuity of José Sbatella in front of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) through presentations at the Justice Ministry.

The national Senator for the radicalism Ernesto Sanz said “FIU is an ideal way to combat the laundering of money derived from illegal acts, but it needs a different person in charge.”

The deputy Margarita Stolbizer, of GEN, and the head of the block of Radical senators, Gerardo Morales, also rejected his continuity.

“Sbatella poorly managed the institution and in four years as head of the FIU he has directly relations with the complicity of frauds” said Stolbizer.

She added “from his position, he deviated investigations that should target senior officials such as Vice President Amado Boudou in Ciccone case and Minister Julio De Vido’s operations with entrepreneur Lázaro Báez, always related to money laundering, which Sbatella had to fight.”

The referents of the opposition based its challenge, among other reasons, in the lack of technical and professional background of Sbatella to be in front of the FIU and its lackluster performance of the entity in successive laundering schemes promoted by the government.

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