The Government rolled back prices to January 21


Argentina, January 29, 2014

The Government announced, in a press conference given by Kiciloff and Capitanich, the agreement reached with the companies that make parts domestic products and those who sell them in the market. Also participated Debora Giorgi, Minister of Industry, the head of the CGT and Secretary General of the UOM Antonio Calo and representatives of chambers of manufacturers and marketers of domestic products.

“We discussed in detail the concerns of each step involved in the value chain to ensure the product supply at a reasonable price, increasing employment levels and progresses in import substitution” said Capitanich and Kiciloff in the conference.

So, he referred to the steel industry, a key input for car’s industry, arguing that “companies are committed to rolling back prices to the situation on 21 January, before some increases.”

And he stressed that “we are talking about metallurgical industries, aluminum and steel, which are the first links in the value chain for garment manufacturing.” He added that “in the plastic companies was reached a similar agreement.”

Thus, the electrical and electronic sector revealed that “prices are rolled back to January 21″ and may have “agreed to a maximum increase of 7, 5%” from the variation recorded in the currency market.

Similarly was agreed with the business chambers manufacturers of goods such as food, cleaning and hygiene, with the ratification of the price system care and its expansion within the country.

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