“Speculative behavior is embarrassed due to the unpatriotic attitude”


The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said today that “there is a psychological pressure on the people about the economy behavior.”

“It is intended to incite from plants of rumors about the existence of other changes associated with drug trafficking, money laundering and tax evasion,” said the official at the usual conference at Casa Rosada.

“When the data points as disparate vendors is observed, is known to be a typical operation that aims to install a psychological pressure on the people about the economy┬ábehavior,” he added.

And he said against “unscrupulous businessmen” that “set a reference price and take their profits by increasing the charter for the price you have to pay the dealer or distributor is more ” , and also against those who ” promote strategies shortage ” .

“We have identified the maneuvers, the corresponding complaints received and we are acting with the value chain . The Department of Commerce has identified 31 infraction , “said Capitanich .

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