Lucía Topolansky: “We cannot fight with Argentina”


Cuba, January 29, 2014

Uruguayan First Lady Lucia Topolansky said today, after the meeting between her husband, José Mujica, and President Cristina Kirchner, that her country “cannot fight with Argentina”.

Topolansky statements came a day after the meeting of President Cristina Kirchner and her Uruguayan counterpart Jose Mujica, in Havana, Cuba, where the leaders attended the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. There, they agreed to reopen dialogue after the problems with trade barriers and the increase of the production of the Botnia pulp mill.

“Whenever there are meetings we can take something positive, I think as a generic issue. If we’re in the same boat of Latin America we should talk” said the Uruguayan senator in dialogue with Radio La Red.

She also argued “Uruguay’s main concern is the extent that affected ports and some imports that are blocked. That’s what hits us more in the world of work.”

“The great rivers we travel to access to the heart of the continent and the entire navigation area of southern South America have to be integrated, we cannot fight because then that brings you navigation problems that elevate costs even to Argentina” she concluded.

On the meeting between the two presidents, the Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman said that both “agreed to establish a working group to discuss all issues between the two countries at all levels, where each country can include bilateral subjects such regional, commercial and industrial matters.”

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