“Cristina in Cuba should visit politically persecuted people rather than the persecutors”


The general director of the Center for the Opening and Development of Latin America (CADAL) Gabriel Salvia was expelled from Cuba to be treated as “unacceptable”.

He had come as organizer of the II Democratic Forum on International Relations and Human Rights, which was to take place in parallel to the summit of CELAC .

Salvia makes a strong critique to Cristina Fernandez as he said, “The most contradictory of our government is saying that the axis of foreign policy are Human Rights. If so, the first thing that Cristina should have done was go to Sunday Mass with the Ladies in White and visit politically persecuted people rather than being with the persecutors.”

Salvia was deported when he arrived in Havana on a flight to El Salvador and when comeback to Argentina he gave his opinion on what happened. “It was an initiative to support the Cuban Civic Movement looking to have a democracy like the rest of the countries within CELAC, where 33 of 32 choose their leaders in free elections. We did these events in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Uruguay and had no problems.”

Cadal in Latin America “is dedicated to promoting the strengthening of democracy and democratic international solidarity. When we were in dictatorship there were few human rights activists and international aid was important . We feel that we owe those countries living in political slavery.”

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