Catamarca: Rescue team found another victim


Argentina, January 29, 2014

The number of victims by the avalanche that happened last Thursday in Catamarca reached 14 after the team of rescuers found the lifeless body of a teenager in the Dam of Las Pirquitas.

Norberto Bazán, spokesman of the Operating Committee (EOC), said the body was found in Las Pirquitas Dam, about 25 kilometers north of the capital.

Last Thursday, Catamarca suffered an avalanche of mud and stones in the vicinity of the town of Rodeo and Sijan, where about 50 families were left homeless.

Gabriel, the teenager’s uncle, said “we do not know what to feel, is a very difficult moment with the loss of all family”.

The man said that “the concept of a missing person is impossible to digest, because one hopes until the last minute, I wanted to know what was happening,” while he thanked the actions of the police and the team of rescuers.

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