12 million dollars were already sold to 22,000 savers


The new measures around the FX market was greeted with more agility in its second day, as 2,097 people could buy dollars at the official price and legally.

According to data from the AFIP, savers took U.S. $ 12,781,737, an average of U.S. $ 578 per transaction. This marked a contrast to Monday, where 242 operations for a totaling $ 141,000 were carried out.

So far the AFIP received 184,338 purchase orders. Operations were implemented for 12.7 million and 77.3 million are outstanding. Orders are valid for 72 hours.

Most of the operations were performed by workers as employees, with a total of 19,469 people for U.S. $ 11,184,196.

The autonomous took U.S. $ 1,033,173 million but they were only 1,172, against 1,456 mono-tax payers as they could acquire U.S. $ 564,369.

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