The Central Bank sold US$ 60 million and official dollar remains at $8,02 pesos


Argentina, January 28, 2014

Today, the Central Bank was again in the need to intervene in the exchange market for to avoid an increase in the exchange rate. Through the sale of US$ 60 million, the maximum official entity kept the dollar at $8.02 pesos. Flotation today marked only its advance in one penny.

From this value, the exchange rate of the dollar for savings (banks purchase + 20%) closed at $ 9.62 and the dollar-tourist (abroad with credit card) at $10.82.

Meanwhile, the parallel rose 35 cents, or 2.87%, to $ 12.50 for sale. The exchange gap remains at 56%.

So far this year, the Central Bank showed a decrease of 5.59% of its reserves, about $1.17 million. Thus, the accounts closed at U.S. $ 28,889 million.

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