Those who earn more than 7200 pesos, may buy dollars at the official market


Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich revealed that workers who earn a salary greater than 7200 pesos can access the purchase of dollars for savings on the official market. In addition, people can buy only $ 2,000 per month.

“They could acquire foreign currency taxpayers as employees, freelancers and mono-tax earning the equivalent of two minimum wages per month, ie 7200 pesos” Capitanich said.

“To do this, workers must ask for authorization on page AFIP, which will make a calculation in relation to the declared income of the taxpayers,” he added.

The website of the AFIP, will be the means of obtaining the necessary authorization to purchase foreign currency.

The chief of staff said that it will be a “reliable mechanism”. “It will be an automatic, transparent and formulated system published by the website of the AFIP.”

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