The parallel dollar increased to $12,15


Argentina, January 27, 2014

The results that the Government expects won’t be achieved quickly. Today, major banks and exchange houses in Buenos Aires city could not sell the dollar for saving because they are still adapting the system. For that reason, the parallel dollar rose about 45 cents and the central bank has to intervene with U.S. $ 100 million to prevent the rise of the official.

The parallel dollar suffered an increase of 3.8%, 45 cents to 12.15 at its closure, after being at $11.70 on Friday.

According to market players, was operated with extreme caution while the new guidelines for the purchase of dollars for hoarding are being discussed.

For its part, the official exchange rate remain unchanged at $8.02 for sale at retail and wholesale $8.01 in after days that the peso devaluation accelerated, and reached an increase of 56% annually. Currently no transactions for saving dollars were made, by the inadequacy of the system and the absence of price board. The gap between the official and free quotes is 51.4 percent.

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