Dollars may only be purchased by direct debit or check


New measures to acquire dollars implemented by the national government include how people can buy the U.S. currency, which can only be done with a bank account debit or check.

Operations “may be made only with debit to an account in the open view financial institutions on behalf of the client, or transfer via MEP for the relevant institution of funds from accounts in the light of open customer at a financial institution, or check payment of own client”, says the resolution published in the website of the Central Bank.

The legislation repealing Section II of the Communication “A” 5312 ( 5/7/2012 ) and replaces the IV of ” A” 5236 (27/10/2011 ) .

“The amount that individuals can access for this item will be reflected in the ‘Consultation Program Exchange Operations’ available on the corporate website of the Federal Public Revenue Administration,” says the document.

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