Criminals shoot an 8 months pregnant


An 8-month pregnant woman was shot in the stomach during an attempted assault in the district of San Martin. Her husband, an officer of the Federal Police, fire with criminals.

According Telam: “The victim was identified as Anahí Jorgelina Barreto (32), who underwent a caesarean and both she and her newborn daughter were hospitalized this morning out of danger .”

The incident occurred near 0.20 am, in the street Diagonal Chilavert to 6500, in José León Suárez town, when the woman and her partner were arriving home aboard a Chevrolet Tracker.

The woman opened the garage door of her house and her partner entered the vehicle, when observed through the rearview mirror at least three armed offenders down from a white car with purpose of robbery .

At that time, the sergeant drew his service weapon, identified himself and sounded the “high”.

According to sources, the police shot the robbers until one of the bullets hit the right side of the woman abdomen, who was rushed to Eva Peron hospital, while the assailants fled without stealing anything.

She underwent a caesarean and her baby was born during the night, so both are admitted at the hospital and recovering favorably, spokesmen said.

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