Kicillof: “Prices in Argentina did not dependent on the dollar”


Economy Minister Axel Kicillof assured that prices will not change with the new price of official dollar rose to 8 pesos last week.

“We will be very tough to maintain prices. We will require anyone to lie or steal people because most prices in Argentina are not dependent on the dollar and where this happens is in a very small way,” said the minister.

“Prices are not tied to the dollar, although there may be some who want to take advantage and use that excuse to redial. In such cases, the national government is going to put things in place, but we will also need to mayors, social organizations and unions”.

“There are some speculative sectors seeking a big devaluation, but did not take place, because this is far from having a big devaluation. The devaluation in 2002 was 214 percent, the famous Rodrigazo was 719 percent, in 1981 was 226 percent and in 1989 was 2038 percent,” said Kicillof .

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