Kicillof “Now people can go to a bank and buy dollars again”


Economy Minister Axel Kicillof said people can now purchase dollars in their bank according to their income level.

“Now people can go back to a bank and buy dollars. Their purchasing power will be associated with the normal level of income they have,” the minister said in an interview on page 12.

“There was a time in Argentina where anyone could buy 2 million dollars per month without explaining the origin of the funds. That system was prone to unjustified purchases in relation to the income of the person and generated suspicions about the source of those funds,” he added.

“So the first question is to limit it. Anyone who wants to access the possession of dollars must be registered in the AFIP and have a capacity proportional to what they want to buy. They have to be registered, as an employee or self-employed workers,” he said.

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