Cards: “The move from 35 to 20 percent will not be implemented on Monday”


Economy Minister Axel Kicillof said the low of the surcharge to card spending abroad, will not be reduced to 20% as previously announced .

“The purchase of dollars to pay a holding deposit of Tax equivalent to 20 percent of operating profits . In the case of sale of foreign currency from tourism and card spending abroad over 35 to 20 percent will not be implemented on Monday,” said the minister in an interview with the newspaper Pagina 12 .

“Domestic tourism this year improved a lot and people who wanted to travel abroad did it. They are people with high purchasing power , they could spend unlimited dollars abroad through their credit card,” he explained.

“It will be an explicit access rule to purchase. For cultural and situational issue linked with expectations, we will not do anything irresponsible to put at stake our economic project,” he added.

“We will implement it with a lot of responsibility and make a permanent monitoring. The system will be more transparent. By giving an access rule, the cultural anxiety about whether you can or not, will come down,” said Kicillof .

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