Massa met with Rodríguez Saá to create an unique front


Argentina, January 25, 2014

Sergio Massa, National deputy and leader of the Renewal Front, met yesterday with Adolfo Rodriguez Saá, to start a political dialogue in order to come together in an electoral front in 2015.

As was reported by witnesses of the talk, and Rodriguez Saa and Massa had “a first clear conversation, and politically they have agreed to follow the Peronism” and added that “they’ll continue talking.”

“The idea is to find points of agreement to open the debate on national issues. They posed the hard question of federalism and Massa told to overcome asymmetries of development between Buenos Aires and the interior” said meeting participants.

Also, from the Renewal Front, they highlighted San Luis for “their investment parameters and well-managed administration,” and noted that “much of the dinner was about educational quality”.

Meanwhile, Massa said ” from the talks we have had, we will work on a common agenda to carry on in the Congress to fight against the national government, so they can recognize the important debts to these provinces” and added that San Luis is “an example of long-term infrastructure politics.”

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