Catamarca: The stunning images of the avalanche that left 8 people dead

catamarca alud 2

There are now eight people dead following the avalanche that occurred in the town of El Rodeo, 45 kilometers from the capital city of Catamarca, officials said.  Among the victims there are two children and a teenager.

The Minister of National Security, Cecilia Rodriguez, Deputy Minister of Social Development Carlos Montaña, and Catamarca Gov. Lucia Corpacci also roamed Sijan city this morning, also affected by the phenomenon.

The images are shocking. “El Rodeo must rebuild entirely,” said Gov. Corpacci yesterday.

catamarca alud 3

catamarca alud 4

catamarca alud 5

catamarca alud 6

catamarca alud 7

catamarca alud


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