Luis Almagro: “The relation with Argentina is rotten”


Argentina, January 24, 2013

Last September, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay, Luis Almagro, authorized the Finnish company UPM to increase the production of pulp in Botnia factory. After the decision, led by President Jose Mujica, Almagro said “is all rotten in the relation with Argentina.” The forecast was accurate.

“After that decision, came a series of measures of Argentina that were directed to Uruguay. With the increase in the production of UPM we also took care of old issues that were on the table that we’d managed to deliberate in these four years, but since that decision, those issues imploded” said Almagro to the local radio “Sarandi”.

He added: “We knew about this recall and we highlighted it as a headline on the front page of El País when we allowed the increase of production of UPM.”

” I said ‘everything is rotten in the relationship with Argentina’ and that’s what happened, but countries have to make decisions according to the respect they have for themselves and the decision it was not for me to take alone, it was taken by the ministry and the president, but it changed the relationship with Argentina” said the chancellor.

Meanwhile, Almagro did not “rule out” a meeting between the two presidents, Cristina Kirchner and José Mujica in Cuba, but did not answer what was discussed this week with Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman in Uruguay. About it, he simply said: “We speak in good terms.”

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