Kicillof: “We seek to give some certainty in the main variables”


The Economy Minister Axel Kicillof said the new measures of authorize the purchase of dollars to hoarding, “seeks to provide some certainty in the main variables.”

“We had a very strong speculative attack. Yesterday suddenly the dollar was traded at $ 7.2 and at 12:20 there was an order to buy dollars for $ 8.4 and then $ 8.7″ he said, adding that “the order of $ 3.5 million by the company Shell wanted to put the dollar to 8.4″

He also said that certain interests “wanted a dollar to 13 pesos, and thus we had that yesterday strong speculative attack”.

“They are the same people who said that for 10 years the peso worth one dollar, now are trying to convince us it is 13 pesos. Now the price is 7.99 to 8.40 but if they agree to go up and put it in the newspapers, generate a psychosis, we know well this situation,” he stressed.

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