Jorge Capitanich: “We decided to authorize the purchase of dollars for tenure and savings”


The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich announced with the Minister of Economy Axel Kicillof that the Government will authorize from next Monday the purchase of dollars for hoarding, following the peso devaluation of 12% which took place yesterday.

“This decision reflects the fact that, under the managed floating exchange rate policy, the government believes that the price of dollar has reached an acceptable level of convergence to the objectives of economic policy” Mr. Capitanich said.

He added then that “these measures are instrumented beginning Monday, through the relevant agencies.”

Kicillof also said, “Look, some people are being told for ten years the peso worth a dollar, and now they are who want to convince us one dollar worth 13 pesos, so draw your own conclusions”.

On the other hand, the decision to reduce the retention by the AFIP, for the purposes of the Income tax returns to the level of 20% which governed until mid-December.

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