Catamarca: The overflowing of a river caused four deaths and 90 evacuated

At least four people have been killed as a result of flooding of the Ambato River in the province of Catamarca, overnight Thursday.

According to local reports, the victims were two children, a teenager and an adult, while the incident has caused at least 90 evacuees.

The identities of the deceased were not widespread yet, but presumably they were vacationing at the Villafáñez Hotel, located in El Rodeo village, 45 miles from the Catamarca capital.

The place had a lot of concentration of people wanting to attend the Flower Festival, where singer Abel Pintos was preparing to perform. The singer is still in the town without possibility of traveling to another destination.

It happens that the overflow of the river was so great that there are stones of enormous size, almost like a car, blocking the main access roads to the town.

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