After the announcements, the dollar is trading at 8.2 pesos


The official dollar opened in a new day with strong gains in the currency market trading at $ 8.2.

After climbing 15% in the last two days, the currency reporting on his slate the National Bank rose 21 cents to $ 8 for sale on opening day and then rose another 20 cents over the morning.

Yesterday, after a historic devaluation closed at $ 7.79, leaving behind the gradual devaluation that the Government was implementing.

There are great expectations about how the dollar  will act after the announcement of Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich regarding the purchase authorization for hoarding dollars, which seems to be the  of the end of the limitations.

The Government also announced that the AFIP will charge 20% for purchases of dollars to tourism, although there is still uncertainty about whether the change also applies to expenses with credit and debit card.

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