The official dollar reached $ 8.40 and blue climbs to $ 12.65

dolar (1)

The official dollar rate hit a historic leap today and stood at 8.10 pesos, almost one peso more than in the previous session and the “blue” rose forty cents to 12.65 pesos.

However, starting at noon, the official dollar hit a new record , becoming sold by the Central Bank to 8.40. This rise could be compared, to a lesser extent, with the occurred on March 22, 2002 , during the economic crisis, when the peso was devalued from $2.38 to $2.97.

Yesterday , the dollar “blue ” continued without finding roof and jumped to 12.15 pesos while the government allowed the devaluation accelerates. In the official market , the dollar reached 7.12 pesos , 3.2% and depreciate being higher depreciation since the introduction of limitations.

The Central Bank of Argentina also confirmed its strategy of abandoning the policy of managed float of the currency to protect their reserves, so that does not intervene in the wholesale market and let the dollar shoots.

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