Progressive devaluation: The official dollar reached $ 7.12 and the “blue” exceeded $ 12

banco central
In the market regulated by the Government, the dollar rose more than 20 cents and took the “tourist/card dollar” for $ 9.16. Informal dollar climbed to 12.15 pesos.

The peso depreciation experienced its biggest daily, 3.2 percent, since the introduction of the exchange limitations in the market. So far in January, the national currency was devalued 9.2% at the official level, while in the parallel market depreciated 21.7%, leaving a record profit for those who bet on the U.S. currency.

In “caves” of the city of Buenos Aires, the “blue” was trading in the afternoon at 9.15 pesos for sale, after the Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich suggested that the Government planned to launch measures to “combat” illegal dollar market, while called “accompaniment” of the judiciary.

“Government actions obviously are not going to disclose in advance. But all that is of an illegal nature will fight with one tool: the law,” said the official, in his regular press conference.

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