Jorge Capitanich: “This has not been a devaluation induced by the state”


The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich denied that the progressive devaluation that is suffering the peso has been induced by the national government, after a day where the official dollar reached 7.12 pesos.

“Ultimately, it has not been a devaluation induced by the state,” Capitanich said in his usual press conference at Casa Rosada.

He added: “For those who love the free market, supply and demand for foreign exchange is what was expressed yesterday in the foreign exchange market.”

“Government will apply measures without explicitly show them, because otherwise it takes away the element of surprise to the implementation of the same,” the minister further said.

“Many want to generate processes of hoarding dollars. Those dollars arising from the work of Argentine, production of goods and services. At some point, many of those dollars came from financial speculation and destroyed the country. We have to be very careful with what we have built,” said Capitanich.

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