Cristina Kirchner travels to Cuba to participate in the CELAC summit


Argentina, January 23, 2013

Tomorrow, President Cristina Kirchner will travel to Cuba to participate in the Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to be held in Havana. The formal start is scheduled for Tuesday next week.

“On Friday we’ll go to Cuba for the meeting of CELAC,” said the head of state last night on national TV.

By the time the route that the president will hold in the Caribbean country is unknown. However, Capitanich had clarified that “she has an agenda” to meet with leaders of the region to “improve trade relations.”

The CELAC was established in 2011 in Caracas, Venezuela, and had its first summit last year in Santiago de Chile. While Cuba, which currently holds the rotating presidency of the group, will hand over power to Costa Rica at the close of the meeting, scheduled for Wednesday in the early afternoon.

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