The World Bank praised Argentina’s social security policies


Argentina, January 22, 2013

The inclusion of 2.7 million seniors who had no type of social coverage caught the attention of the international financial institutions. Today, a report by the World Bank highlights the pension policies developed in Argentina in the last decade.

The report was done by specialists Rafael Rofman, Ignacio Apella and Evelyn Vezza, entitled “Beyond the Contributory Pension: Fourteen Experiences in Latin America.” The same is responsible for analyzing various public policies and initiatives aimed to social security.

The report also highlights that our country is one that ensures the highest level of average contributions in relation to the active wage (77 percent) and allowing greater distance of retirees over the poverty line (351 percent).

It also cites a report done by the ANSeS during 2013 “the average income of new retirees accounted for 77 percent of salary at discharge the worker, with an average income of $ 6,798. Since the passage of the Act in February 2009, pensions were increased by 259 percent.”

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