“The agreement with the Paris Club will not be at the expense of growth and inclusion of Argentina”


The Economy Minister Axel Kicillof announced that Argentina presented to the Paris Club a proposal to stabilize the debt with the forum for creditors, which will be discussed tomorrow bat 7 pm, and stressed that the country will be relentless in achieving an understanding that would continue the current policy of growth and social inclusion.

Kicillof said that during his meeting yesterday with driving in Paris Club creditors, tabled “three conditions” considered key by the government to advance an understanding.

These conditions are to “ensure sustainability” and the government will not accept agreement “at the expense of growth and social inclusion.”

During a press conference held this afternoon at the Economy Ministry, he noted that “we will not accept constraints, we will not discuss our business plan.”

Economy Minister explained that Argentina has a debt with 16 of the 19 countries of the Paris Club, where the bulk comes specifically military dictatorship.

“That debt with the Paris Club, or contracted this government nor the default led to this administration,” said the minister, while explaining that negotiations “is part of the process that began after the default of 2002.”

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