“Some shouts were heard and we held hands,” a Delta passenger said

delta airlinea

The flight DL101 , covering Atlanta – Buenos Aires of Delta Air Lines suffered a severe technical fault breaking a wing while trying to land at the airport of Ezeiza. The crew decided to abort the landing diverted the flight to Uruguay .

“We’d had a great flight and were very close to land when the plane ascended, we saw dark clouds and suddenly suffer a free fall” said Doris, one of the people aboard the plane Delta.

“Then we heard some screaming and we held hands,” added the woman when was interviewed at the airport of Ezeiza, when they finally arrived at their destination after the company put another plane to bring passengers from Uruguay .

“were about 10 minutes (of uncertainty) , and in a moment, from the window, I see sparksĀ on the right wing. I do not know if I was hallucinating, but later found out that the entire right side of the plane had seen the same and it was confirmed by the pilot” added the woman.

Another passenger reported: “Before we arrived we had warned the basics, we could enter an area of turbulence. Suddenly the plane came back up and when we were wrong about the issue of turbulence, it falls … ” .

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