More limitations: Now Argentines can only make two purchases per year in foreign sites


The AFIP deepened Wednesday controls on purchases made in foreign websites through a new resolution system complementary to the affidavits it released yesterday.

According to the rules, from now people can get in the door of the home products that doesn’t exceed the annual value of $ 25 or go pick them up at Correo Argentino only twice in the year.

Also when this limit is exceeded people must pay a tax equivalent to 50 % of the value of the purchase, including shipping costs.

The Government decided to close the retail practically in ecommerce websites abroad, offering very competitive prices for the Argentine market and a wide variety of products that are not available in the country.

Under the new regime, those who purchase goods at least three times in one year shall follow the conditions established under the General Regime for the Importation purchased, which will add a barrier to the entry of the product.

In addition, the Directorate General of Customs will make a list of goods to be excepted from this rule. This roster will be posted on the website, but it was not uploaded yet.

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