Cristina Kirchner: “We want to contribute to the hopes of all Argentines”


Argentina, January 22, 2013

After a month without speaking publicly, President Cristina Kirchner presented “Progresar” plan, which involves more than one and a half million young people nationwide and is intended to promote the study or work among young people between 18 and 21years old.

“It is a government program, but a life plan for Argentines and we understand it that way” said the president, while she went on to explain how it will work and what funds will finance it.

“It will be supported not by the ANSeS but by the National Treasury. This was made to prevent tomorrow’s headline: retirees that support young people” she said, adding “This provides a social security system that is unprecedented in our country, as it recognizes the human right of social security from the uterus until 24 years old.”

Cristina Kirchner stressed that the plan is for young people who neither study nor work, or are working in informal jobs that do not allow them to reach the minimum needed to survive on their own. The plan aims to provide a monthly grant of $600 which requires, in return, the young to study, which must be demonstrated with a certificate in April, one in July and the last one in November. The program involves the Ministry of Labour, Social Development and unions that articulate multiple jobs.

And he argued that “poverty is measured in quintiles, with five in total and the first two the most deprived. The plan is meant in a 78 % to them.”

In another sense, she qualified those who criticize the role of youth in politics as “cynical”: “people that talks of the future and reject or stigmatize young people that participate in politics are cynic. This Argentina could reverse decades of helplessness, hopelessness and low self-esteem; decades of failures. Today, with Progresar, which is a life project, we want to contribute to the hopes of future of all Argentines” she concluded.

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