“The President performs his duties with the same passion as always”


The Cabinet Chief Jorge Capitanich said that President Cristina Kirchner is still working with the same passion as ever, despite she did not participate in public events as before.

“The president every day plays her respective roles in the place where, in the same spirit, the same creativity, the same enthusiasm, the same passion always is,” said the official.

He added to the query of a journalist for the absence of the president: “We should not make any speculation in this regard.”

Capitanich also said, “We will continue advancing mining and oil. We will move forward with all the value chain in January for the purpose of signing agreements in the first half of February.”

There, said the goal of these agreements will aim to “increase the volume of exports”, “promote the integration of the value chain to promote import substitution” , “promoting employment and reducing informality” and “work hard in the domestic market and prices.”

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