Pope Francisco expressed his concern for the World’s economic situation


Italy, January 21, 2013

A day before the World Economic Forum, Pope Francisco send a letter to the Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab, where he expresses his concern about the economic situation in the world and the great mass of people that still remain socially excluded. He called for “the wealth to be in the service of humanity, not to rule them.”

Pope hopes that the forum, which starts tomorrow and ends on 25 January, is ” a chance to reflect on the causes of the economic crisis.”

“The successes that have led to the reduction of poverty in a large number of people often have also meant a diffuse social exclusion. Indeed, most of the men and women of our time still live under precarious conditions with dramatic consequences” he said in the statement.

Paraphrasing his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, Bergoglio said “growth without social equality isn’t real economic growth.”

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