Plane almost crashed in Ezeiza Airport due to the heavy storms


Argentina, January 21, 2013

Today, a plane almost crashed after attempting to land at Ezeiza, since it suffered a ruptured wing caused by the severe storm that hit the central part of the country this morning.

The flight DL101, covering Atlanta – Buenos Aires, of the airline Delta Air Lines suffered a severe technical fault after breaking a wing when landing at Ezeiza Airport. The pilot had to return to take off in the middle of a major storm, with a damaged wing, and travel in an emergency flight to the airport of Montevideo.

Passengers of the Delta Air Lines, which took off in Atlanta at 6.42 pm and had to land at Ezeiza at 7.30 am, were held in Montevideo on the plane for more than three hours by Uruguayan authorities. Then they were taken to a hotel in Montevideo by the airline.

Now authorities are investigating the responsibility of the pilot or the control tower in the incident although the focus seems to be placed on the meteorological information that was handled, which underestimated the storm.

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